Palmistry can reveal your life path

Imagepalmistry  What is the significance of lines on palm ? Is there any scientific basis ?

[a] Line of palm interpret all aspects of life . About our weak and strong qualities, The desires which lie dormant in our unconscious mind our indicated through lines . Lines reveal our future. The answers of questions regarding career, job , finance , wealth, marriage, settlement, children and many more can be told by lines of hand.

[b] Palmistry is not a science like physics and chemistry. It is science which is related with human being his past , present and future. Palmistry is a combination of psychology and spirituality. According to ancient Indian belief our poorva janam karmas, and according to modern science our ancestral genes combined together sow the seed of our past present and future which reflects in form of lines on our palm. Lines have direct connection with our thought. A hand analysts can best assist by pointing out how past and present thoughts and actions have set you upon a certain course in life. As our thinking changes a new behaviour patterns are established, the lines and signs, and even the mounts, will undergo detectable changes. Even those lines that indicate future trends can change. Broken lines can be mended; lines showing interferences and obstacles can fade and disappear, and lines showing positive associations and relationships come into view.