Solve Mystery Of Your Destiny With Finger Prints

 Whorl is the most common finger print found in most of hands .
People with whorls, which look like circles, have a strong will and are more controlling  individualistic than others, but they can also be uniquely dynamic and creative. The whorl is all about freedom and space.  A whorl speaks great individuality in addition to an ability to focus .   They dislike doing anything the way others would like them to and have  a set mind. What ever finger it appears on person rules that quality.
 Whorls come in two varieties — spiral and Peacocks eye , just as the name suggests. If you have these, you are likely adamant about your beliefs and will hold them faithfully throughout life. You like to be independent at work and you labor best when guided by yourself.
 This whorl looks like a peacocks  eye. They   are unusual and can be usually found on the Apollo or Jupiter fingers or on the thumb. If you have these  whorls, your attitudes are even stronger —you are a responsible person, trustworthy to the extreme.
 According to Indian palmistry HAst Samudrik Shashtra If these whorls are found in finger 1st phlenge of fingers and are called finger prints .and do not change. According to Indian palmistry the person having 1 whorl in finger is clever, with 2 whorls signs he/she has beautiful looks, With 3 whorl sign is lazy, with 4 whorls is poor with 5 is intelligent, with 6 is educated, With 7 whorls sign is found of travelling , With 8 signs he /she is poor. With 9 whorls is like king ,boss, and if one has 10 whorl signs is a servant of king.
 By Best #Palmreader In #India#fingerprint #palmist   
 Nisha Ghai

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