Count Your Lucky Number

Number has the significant impact on our life, nature, career, finances, emotions and on every aspect of our life.


 Every person have his own #ruling #planets and #numbers which are derived from his date of birth. Those numbers have specific vibrations and impact on the person life. For Example if a person is born on 8/3/1977 then his ruling number is 8 and ruling planet is #Saturn. This will bring lots of struggle and hard work in his life. Date of birth of a person can not be changed but the vibration of 8 can be reduced by doing charity related to planet Saturn and avoiding number 8. And to bring opportunities in his life vibration of


 You get this #lucky Vibration in your life you can add #Numbers in your #Mobile, #Car, House Name and even by  #Changing  #Name 

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  #Name #Numerologist

 #Life #Path #Guide 

 #Stress #Healer

 Nissha Ghhai

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