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 The famous Indian palmist  Dayanand Verma   and Nisha Ghai Director Institute of palmistry  one of the  best palmistry training center  to learn palmistry in India Delhi are doing research in the field of scientific aspects of vedic palmistry since 30 years. According to their research palmistry is related to Human Psychology. It is a study of unconscious mind. It is a science related to our brain and thinking power and we can change our lines through our will power thus we can change our fate.


We at Institute provides  palmistry courses, books , consultation , Astrology services, match making, Career and marriage report. We teach you  palm reading ,about timing  event through Lines , Fate Line , Marriage line, career lines, Finger print , hand analysis , life purpose.  In our course remedies  Remedies and solutions are also suggested for betterment  In short we  teach you to know your life patter and purpose.


Destiny Is All About Our Karmas


Our Past Life Karma reflects on our palm. Unfold your Karma with Palm Reading


One Day I received an email from one of  a very old student from  Australia . While doing Hand Analysis he was shocked to see too much of difference in lines of both Palms. Both Hands had different Life Line. Passive hand Life Lines was different from active hand. He was confused to see so much of difference in both hands and then he wrote to me .

In India we believe in Karma basically past life Karma. I always say our past life Karma reflect on our Hand And this is just the perfect example for it. He sent me an email which was

Dear  Nisha

This is T. Jongwan Kim, OMD. I graduated from your Diploma program in palmistry. It was a wonderful experience. Your books on palmistry are of great help. Your scientific secrets  of palmistry is particularly welcome. Most my customers are Westerners. They enjoy my reading for them free of charge because the practice is in conjunction of my Oriental medicine practice.

The reason I am writing this is because I have some question that I can not seem to find from any palmistry books as of yet. There was a hint of island in your latest book on page 155,  I want to know.  My question is thus an island that is attached both to life line and fate line very much at the beginning the fate line and later on life line. It is approximately at 61 years of age on life line and 14 years of age on fate line. This is in the left hand but with clear lines in the right hand. Right hand is very much free from any negative signs indicating longer life over 100 years. Could you kindly advise me on the above statement, at least some help. Thank you very much for your kindness.

This person is now 78 years old. His left hand shows such island as below, but his right hand shows only with clear lines without visible negative marks such as island. His life line reaches way down to the wrist. indicating longevity/ I hope this additional information will be some help you get better picture of my question. Thanks again for your kindness. Dr. Kim

And My Answer  To Him Was  

Dear Kim Jogwan
When we do physic reading  we always keep in mind Left and Right hand. The Island in Left hand and not is his dominant Right hand. At life Line and fate line joining. It is Binning of Fate Line and end of Life Line.  So Kim  we talk about our karmas . They reflect on our Palm. As Left Hand is Passive hand and Right Hand is active. So passive hand is what we get with birth reflecting our Karma and active hand is what we make with efforts. Well certainly we are going to give more importance to dominant Right Hand but can not ignore Left Hand. In India we call it karmic effect or previous birth which carries on. So my prediction and reading is  that he will certainly get sick at old age but the frequency level of sickness will be less as the island is on left hand not in dominant Right  hand. As we can not ignore karmas of last birth.

As  island  is also  at the beginning of fate line so ask him  did he lost his parents at 14 years  of age or was away from his roots at that age.

 Kim Replied

Dear  Nisha

Thank you so much for your taking your time to give me your opinion. Yes, it was true that his mother died at about his age 14. This is indeed amazing. You are absolutely right that his mother, one of parents, died at about his age at 14,  with unfriendly step mother moving in and not so sensitive father, he did suffer malnutrition and lack of love from then on. However, he had a chance to get out of such family later on.

You stated he can not avoid his sickness in old age but frequency  will be less as the right hand is clear and again you are right   he is suffering from minor intestine infection. Thank you for guiding me so well accurate.

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