Learn palmistry from famous indian palmist Nisha Ghai

Destiny  can be changed with proper astro guidance and solutions.
 The famous Indian palmist  Dayanand Verma   and Nisha Ghai Director Institute of palmistry  one of the  best palmistry training center  to learn palmistry in India Delhi are doing research in the field of scientific aspects of vedic palmistry since 30 years. According to their research palmistry is related to Human Psychology. It is a study of unconscious mind. It is a science related to our brain and thinking power and we can change our lines through our will power thus we can change our fate.


We at Institute provides  palmistry courses, books , consultation , Astrology services, match making, Career and marriage report. We teach you  palm reading ,about timing  event through Lines , Fate Line , Marriage line, career lines, Finger print , hand analysis , life purpose.  In our course remedies  Remedies and solutions are also suggested for betterment  In short we  teach you to know your life patter and purpose.


2 thoughts on “Learn palmistry from famous indian palmist Nisha Ghai

  1. I m in America I been studying palmistry from long time just as a hobbie now I realize lot of peoples in world need some guidance but when they go to these astrologers or palmist they charge them furtune I hv business but in spare time I can do what ever I can help but I need real good books the books I have with picture does not have all those lines which I seen on peoples hand I don’t need basic I need more deep books if u can send me email I will order those books from u thank u v much. Alve from USA.

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