Most of The people come to me saying that they have visited many  astrologer and most of them are not correct and tell different things .

 Astrology is a complete science it is never wrong but some times the time is not correct .  As  most of time  visiting people say I was born at 4.35 pm or may be half an hour before . Now In astrology  even 4 -5 minutes change the degree and divisional charts thus changing situation and prediction as horoscope and kundli calculation changes . At  time Ascendant only change  and so do planetary position  

 In Palmistry palm  or hand is our part of body and it does not change .

 If  a palm reader has correct knowledge  and knows the basic  his  prediction will be always correct . Actually a good palm reader does not need you r time of birth  He can tell all events  about marriage, career , life , Job , Children  every thing correctly form palm ,  Try It


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