Narender Modi wave How Much significant .

Nader Modi Wave. How significant it is going to be in 2015  for  Him.

Narender Modi DOB -17/9/1950

Personality #8 – Life Path Number #5 Personal Year  #8

Year 2015 is number 8 Lord Saturn . Narender  Modi personal year  Number  is also 8 Lord Saturn .

So  is this planet going to give stability to Narender Modi Career ?

Will this planet be going to fortunate for Narender Modi?

Will Saturn give Indian prime Minister in Abundance ?

Is 2015  going to be a significant year for Indian prime Minister ?

The Answer is Yes .  The planet of misfortune will bring fortune for him .

Saturn is called planet of misfortune  and it is slow but  Saturn is also planet of  stability progress and  Money. It is  an extreme planet . Their is saying for Saturn that it gives in abundance

Famous Numerologist of Indian Nisha says His personality number  is also 8 So  For Narender Modi this year I going to year for Extremeness and Challenges .    As per Numerology 2015 forcast He will remain in Power and Authority in 2015  . New Policies will be made And  Iron and  Steel Industry will boom up. Narender Modi will give new face to Foreign policies .He will continue to ride high on his Modi wave though there shall be some turbulence in between. Things might slow down a bit  But there will be new partnerships, legal gains  and emotional contentment are coming in for him. Health needs a check .

Famous Numerologist of Indian  Nisha speaks the same on Indian Tv  News24 Channel

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