#7 Delhi Election BJP Or AAP

#Numerology #7 -02=-2015

#DelhiElection how Lucky is date # 7 for Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal
Name: Kiran Bedi
DOB :9- June -1949
Lucky Number – 9
Life Path Number – 2
Name Total – 5
Delhi Total – 9
Delhi Election Date 7-02-2015=8

Name: Arvind Kejriwal
DOB: 16-8-1968
Lucky Number – 7
Life Path Number – 3
Name Total – 4
Delhi Election Date 07-02-2915

Lucky Number of Kiran Bedi is 9 and Life Path Number is is 2 and Lucky Number of Arvind Kejriwal is 7 and Life Path No is 3.

Number of Delhi is also 9. Delhi election date total is 8 According to numerology It will be not easy for Kiran Bedi to win election she will not win with majority since her Life path number is 2 Lord Moon much will depend on people mood swing….

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