Does And Donts Of Lunar Eclipse Chandra Grahn On 28th September 2015 Monday

Lunar Eclipse Chandra  Grahn On 28th September 2015   Monday

Total Lunar Eclipse would occur on September 27 and September 28, 2015. On Meena Rashi [Pices Zodiac]

Sutak will Start a on Midnight 27th Sep .It would be the second Lunar Eclipse of 2015. The Moon will be completely covered by the Earth’s Umbral shadow at maximum eclipse.

Chadra graham will be he visible from 6.37 am To 9.48 Am

The longest duration of totality would be 1 hour and 12 minutes.  It will be visible in Partial Gujrat and Rajasthan .

Does And Donts  During Chadra  Grhan

At the time of the eclipse, people bathe in the sacred rivers. They do charitable acts. They give cows, money and gold. The day after the eclipse they feed the poor, the Brahmins and the Sadhus. After the eclipse they clean their houses, vessels, etc., and take a bath before they start cooking.

One should not take food during the eclipse.  One should take food only after seeing the sun or the moon free from the eclipse..

Pregnant women should not see the sun or the moon during the time of the eclipse. If they do the child born may have some kind of defect. He may be born deaf, dumb or blind.

Householders are forbidden from sexual intercourse on the day of the eclipse, for the same reason.

Control Anger Before It Controls You

Anger Is emotional state promoted by happenings not liked by a person resulting irritability . Anger is is normal human emotion . But when it gets out of control it gets destructive .It can lead to problem at work , in relationship and over all quality of life .
What Leads To Anger
* People not giving clarification
*Some one insults your ego
*When people do not care about your wishes
*Some one cheats you
* Some times circumstances stop you from achieving goal
*presence of Impatience

How To keep Anger At Bay
* Leave the place give excuse
*Count up to 50 and sit down and drink glass of water
* Take Long breath , and concentrate on it . This can bring calmness
* Look at the mirror look at angry face and then smile
* Meditate
*Use Anger creativity since any work taken up during anger is completed fully
EFT { Emotional Freedom Technique can help  You .You will find Lot of positive changes happening

Nisha Ghai