Control Anger Before It Controls You

Anger Is emotional state promoted by happenings not liked by a person resulting irritability . Anger is is normal human emotion . But when it gets out of control it gets destructive .It can lead to problem at work , in relationship and over all quality of life .
What Leads To Anger
* People not giving clarification
*Some one insults your ego
*When people do not care about your wishes
*Some one cheats you
* Some times circumstances stop you from achieving goal
*presence of Impatience

How To keep Anger At Bay
* Leave the place give excuse
*Count up to 50 and sit down and drink glass of water
* Take Long breath , and concentrate on it . This can bring calmness
* Look at the mirror look at angry face and then smile
* Meditate
*Use Anger creativity since any work taken up during anger is completed fully
EFT { Emotional Freedom Technique can help  You .You will find Lot of positive changes happening

Nisha Ghai

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