Astrology Moon Sign Prediction for Diwali 2015

How will be your Diwali this year :-

Moon Sign Diwali Prediction 2015

Aries – This Diwali Goddess Lakshmi will help you in finding solution to your Minor Problems. You May receive happy news from your friend between 10th to 12th . You will celebrate the festival with great enthusiasm . But money can block by the end of the week.

Taurus – The festive season will start with happy news . Long Pending Auspicious ceremony will take place . Awaited Business Plans will be activated . Period form 14th to 15th can be challenging . Goddess lakshmi will bestow divisiveness and harmony .

Gemini- Patience is the best gift for you this week Be careful while dealing with money .This week you will plan for future . Promotion is seen. This Diwali there will be happiness in the family . Enjoy the festival of Lights .

Cancer- This Dewali Goddess laksmi will bestow wealth on you .You may buy a new vehicle . Do not indulge in controversies . Your Thoughtfulness and far sightedness will guide you .

Leo – With the blessing of Maa lakshmi this will be period of satisfaction. You will fulfill your parental responsibility . You will spend more money in social activities . An itch in love relation can upset you at the end of the week so be careful with love life .

Virgo- Diwali week will be favorable for you . Your cheerful mood will bring happiness in the family . Godess Lakshmi will help you in getting back held up money . Projects will move slowly . Journey can be hazardous so avoid journey.

Libra – You will spend more money in Purchasing and Preparing for festival . At times you may feel defeated since enemies will try to overpower you . Journeys taken between 10th to 12th will bring good results. Maa Laksmi will give financial gains this Diwali .

Scorpio- Week Of Success for you . Godess lakshmi will give gain from Partnership . You can over spend your Budget this week . The Projects will continue . You can spend more than expected . Journey will bring fruitful.

Sagittarius – Maa lakshmi will bestow favors’ in your life and you may buy a property . Your smartness will help you in regaining your held up project . Between 10th to 12th you will gain from Partnership business. You may feel lethargic at the end of the week so eat well and Exercise well .

Capricorn – This festive Season you will buy some new electronic gadget for the house . Due to Blessing Of Maa lakshmi your financial condition will improve . You may hear a sudden news on 15th . Hard Work will help you to achieve your target .

Aquarius – Maa Laksmi is alarming you to not to gamble this week since you may loose . Avoid being rude since this can disturb your reputation . The responsibility on your shoulder will increase this week ,this is a good business phase for cloth merchant . The week end will bring happiness.

Pieces – In the beginning of festival season you will get engaged in new activates . Period between 10th to 12th can be crucial have patience and use tact to come out of situation . Maa Lakshmi will bring happiness in family on 15th .

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Spend Rest of your Life like a Candle , Have A great Diwali !!

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