Rahu entry in your sign on 31 Jan may let you undergo some surgery .


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Rahu entry in your sign on 31 Jan may let you undergo some surgery .
Rahu entry in your sign on 31 Jan may let you undergo some surgery . Till month May you may suffer from emotional trauma . First half of the year may prove dull but the second half of the year looks better, comparatively; and your troubles will vanish away gradually. You need to be calm and be in peace. Also, you will get a good hold over the difficult situations with your intelligent planning. As per Astrology 2016 predictions Nisha Ghai the Famous Indian Astrologer suggests you to indulge yourself in spiritual as well as religious activities. ‪#‎instituteofpalmistry‬

. 2016 has got mixed results for you. For some this year can be good and for some it will be adventurous. In the first half of 2016, You can face challenges or threats. Health and profession will be wavering .

Jupiter is in  Lagna   is assuring family piece sand Saturn in fourth. Hence, Saturn Dhiya will give you trouble in every step.   People in government job need to be careful in handling situations .You may have to face some troubles. Don’t freak out, it is the time to test your abilities.

As per horoscope 2016 and Astrologer Numerologist Palmist Nisha, you may get upset due to the behaviour of some of your loved ones,

Leo Trade Profession Finance Money You will get mixed results in business in year 2016.The expand char will increase.  You may Launch a new venture by August .  There will be more spending in repair and renovation.  In January there can be income from Abroad. You may lose a big order. There can be tax related problems in the mid year. There will be plenty of Journey and most of them will not give any result. Keep your senior happy Get a detail Career Finance 2016 Report

Leo Love Marriage, Relation ,Family. Good news for child birth. You will be concerned about your child education. Your children will support you. Marriage may take place at home. The secret Love affair may get exposed.  Students have to work hard and may not get responsive result. Blessing of senior is their Spouse health will put you under pressure in July.Get detail 2016 Marriage Love Report .

Saturn Transit – Due to Saturn Dhaiyya There can be loss in business and finance. Stomach  related health issues problems may crop up .  New plans and project may not start . Students mat get disturbed and loose focus. Children may not listen you .  Do not trust people blindly . Get detail 2016 Satrun transit Report .

  • Advice – On the health front, there may be some concerns, caused mainly by working too hard and for long hours.
  • You may feel that things are too dull, and may get frustrated. In your anger and frustration about your own situation, do not end up getting jealous of others.
  • Finances may keep you tense. Do keep hold on your expenditure.
  • Do not trust any stranger in money matters. Get a personalised 2015 detail report

Remedy: Offer a mixture of rice and milk to a cow.   Learn Astrology