Are You effected By Retrograde Saturn



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Are you effected By Retrograde Saturn ? What Are you Doing About it ?
Its not only important to know about problem . More Important is to solve it . Then How to Solve it ?
Firstly I will suggest all that visiting a right guide / astrologer palmist is important to know weather is there any bad effect of planet. And if yes there is then it not always necessary to spend lot of Money on remedies . Remedies mentioned below are easy and harmless for planet Saturn generally know as malefic
Om pram preem proma sah shaneya namah” or “Om Shan Shaneshcharya Namah”.
Light a diya with mustard oil every Saturday under the peepal tree to get relief from the ill-effects of malefic saturn. Recite Dashrath Krita Shani Path and shani neel strotra every saturday. ‪#‎instituteofpalmistry‬

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