India Vs Pakistan who will Win

Cricket is like religion in India . We all are very excited it . India vs Pakistan going to take place on 19 march 2016 at Eden Garden Kolkata . Its Like a war .

Match winning this time totally depends on who will win the Toss .

Mahender Sing Dhoni -7/7/1981 Indian Captain Personality number is -7 and Destiny number is 6. Number 6 is a number of Venus which is ascendant in Kundali of India . Due to this he won many matches and could prove as a leader of Substance .Venus governs Dhoni is many ways his dressing style his hair cut . His attention towards media and branding stuff .

His personal Year number is 3 number of Jupiter and date of Match number is 4. The number of Rahu .

Rahu and Jupitar are presently transiting in same house and Jupiter is retrograde. Both the planets are in transiting in 3rd house of Dhoni house of efforts . India Number 12=3 and India personal year number 5

If we see his palm as per palmistry his hand is a perfect hand with action and planning The short fingers tapering and the broad wide palm, the balance between his Head and Heart Lines, the long but slightly thick thumb, the strong Mount of Moon, and the averagely developed Upper Mars all tell a story. They tell us of a highly talented man.

Presently his fate line is cut by influence line .

Shahid Afridi Captain Pakistan team 1/3/1980 personality number 1 destiny number 4 and personal year Number 1 .If we analyse by palmistry Shahid hand his mercury line has break and his sun line also is cut by influence line and due to this his name came into controversy .

Pakistan captain name number is 7 and year number 4 .

Indian Personal year number 5 and Match date 4 Dhoni , Personal year number 3 and Kolkata Eden Garden number 2 are all co relate with each other and give positive results

Shahid destiny numberis also 4 and co relates well with pakistan 7 but is inimical to kalkata and Eden garden number 2 .

For India only week point is number 3 and 4 which is both captain DOB and is governed by Rahu . Retro Jupiter which is Dhoni Year number and is retrograde with Rahu also the cut on the fate line on Dhoni by influence line can give erratic results. There will be lots of difference in winning and losing team .

Players with number 1 and 9 will give challenge to most of the players

If we completely analyse the situation then winning from Pakistan will not be easy cup of tea for India lot of running and efforts .

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