Solar Eclipse 9th march Does And Donts

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Does and Donts Institute of Palmistry
The solar eclipse on Tuesday 9 March 2016 at 18°55′ Pisces
Time of Solar eclipse in World – it begins on 9th march at 4.49am till 10.04 am
Time of Solar eclipse in India- 4.49 am to 7. 29 am
Time of Sutak – Sutak begins on 8th March night at 9.08 pm and ends on 9th March – 10.04 am

Does And Donts During Surya Grhan
At the time of the eclipse, people bathe in the sacred rivers. They do charitable acts. They give cows, money and gold. The day after the eclipse they feed the poor, the Brahmins and the Sadhus. After the eclipse they clean their houses, vessels, etc., and take a bath before they start cooking.
One should not take food during the eclipse. One should take food only after seeing the sun or the moon free from the eclipse..
Be Aware pregnant women
Pregnant women should not see the sun or the moon during the time of the eclipse. If they do the child born may have some kind of defect. He may be born deaf, dumb or blind.
Householders are forbidden from sexual intercourse on the day of the eclipse, for the same reason.

Nisha Ghai