Do Not Let Anyone Misguide You for Your Health

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Do not Hyper
Yes people do suffer from these diseases and there hands look like this
But all hands which look like this may not suffer form these Diseases. Many other symbol are seen to confirm

Normally a common man practise is to go to astrologer palmist numerologist  to  ask for health . Health  and Life  Longevity is a very Crucial topic . I feel we should not just randomly say some thing on it . In astrology  there are many Bhawas / House  , planets divisional charts are seen to say a word as one planet talks about many diseases   . In the same way in palmistry many line , colour , texture nails  planets are see to confirm any chronic disease .

So  I suggest do not get hyper on reading any thing on internet since it is an indication only an expert can advice better by seeing all  values .

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Can A PalmReader Tell Future ?

Many People ask me this question Can we know future through palmistry and my answer is always YES

Palmistry is a science which is related to Human Physiology . A  Doctor  guide you  about health  by seeing symptoms in a same  way  a Palmist  can guide you about your strong and week points, your fortune just by seeing Lines of Hand . Palmist Is also called a Physic Reader  .

Only few  people know this fact that Lines of our hand change as per out thinking processes, but not over night or dramaticly. It takes months to change .  Isn’t it good since our future is also not stagnant so why lines remain . Any Change in lines of hand can be indication for betterment or destruction . Only a good PalmReader can read it . So Don’t reach to any conclusion meet a Handreader.

A good Palmist can answers for all queries regarding career, marriage, job, progeny ,travel, health ,wealth, money etc. I have done timing and prediction in most of the cases without taking help of any other science . Most of us do not know palmistry so cant answer many questions of client but for sure Palmistry gives accurate results and we do not need your date of birth. It’s a Science for Today .

Secret Of Happy Marriage

Do you know Cross On Jupitar gives love Marriage
The cross on jupitar was considered very good before but now since so much of emotional change and insecurity in totality it does not always promise a good marriage . But yes the % of happy marriage is much more this also give marriage with known person
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How Far Will You Travel Check Your Palm Lines

Wondering about how far you will travel around the world?
‪#‎TravelingLines‬ are found on palm in following places:-
1. Line going upwards from first line of bracelet.
2. Line starting from Life Line and going to Mount of Lower Moon or Mount of Ketu or running parallel to the Life Line.
3. Line starting from Mount of Lower Moon and going towards Life Line.
4. Line starting from Mount of Lower Mars and meeting the Life Line and going toward Mount of Rahu.
5. Horizontal lines on Mount of Moon.
6. Line starting from Mount of Upper Mars and going towards Mount of Sun indicates abroad travel.
7. Other than these lines, we can also know about travels by Sun, Fate, and Head Lines.
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Do you Have Difference In Right and Left Palm It Can Be Karma Effect

Difference In  Right And Left Hand

The Difference In Hand Show your quality to improve your self . if the  working hand has bad lines that means you have spoiled your future with your karma . With Better Lines means you have improved your Karma

Past Life Karma Also  change our hand types .

It can occur that the left- and the right-hand are very different and therefore show different properties. This can mean that an emotional property has changed dramatically or that you are conforming to certain, daily situations or routine. It can also happen that your left-hand shows a talent but your right-hand doesn’t. This means that you haven’t fully developed that talent or that you are not aware of it. Also differences can indicate that it looks like that it goes well with you but that in reality – mentally – you are sick or weak. 

When there is little difference between the two hands than you have a balanced and harmonious character and also your inner life is in balance. In that case you are just yourself and treat everyone equally. Also you will not pursue any major changes in your life anymore.

How Many Children will You Have

Children lines (Santaan Rekha ) in ‪#‎Palmistry‬

The ‪#‎ChildrenLines‬ are those finely marked upright lines found immediately above the ‪#‎LineofMarriage‬. These lines may indicate the number of children the person is likely to have. To know the number of children anyone will have, it is necessary to count these lines from the outside of the hand in towards the palm.
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Get Guidence of Life

psychic reading is a session with such a gifted person that answers your questions and offers advice. The psychic aims to get in tune with you during the reading. Psychic reading can have various forms. It can take place in person, by e-mail, by phone, via Skype etc. Readings can vary in time. It can take from few minutes to  an  hour. But a common length is approximately half an hour. Psychic readers can use various tools such as  Palmistry  Numerology  Astrology  and many other .

Psychic Reading in Person

Reading in person is the most ancient and conventional way how to perform psychic reading. Most of the readers agree that smooth energy flow is very important during psychic reading. Therefore it is always better to be present in person in your psychic reading than to be in distance , because the energy flow between you and the reader is more obvious and less disturbed.

Phone and Skype Reading

The advantage of phone reading is simply your comfort. The disadvantage is that you do not have a direct visual contact with the reader

E-mail Reading

E-mail reading is the most impersonal form of psychic reading.  You can provide him with your birth date and brief description of your situation and problems and get a good report .

Kiran Bedi The New Face Of BJP[ Hand Analysis Palmistry Horoscope ]

Kiran Bedi The New Face Of BJP[ Hand   Analysis Palmistry Horoscope ]

Name: Kiran Bedi

Date of Birth: Thursday, June 09, 1949

Time of Birth: 14:10:00

Place of Birth: Amritsar

Internationally acclaimed Kiran Bedi is the first and highest ranking woman IPS Officer of India and currently working as social activist. She was working as Director General in Bureau of Police Research and Development at the time of her voluntary retirement from Govt.

The highlight of Kiran Bedi palm is  Mount of  Mars and Venus,  which has   generated  Raj Yoga  with lovely  Apollo finger  , which rules over her personality  In addition to this, Venus is strong.

Palm analysis of Kiran  Bedi  show  Sun line has currently started with support line Mercury (signifying political career and position) in her  whereas her  Saturn line and Square on it  signifying day to day profession and success in competition. This is again  a very strong success Yoga . This factor increases the ratio of her desired success in the upcoming Election. Plus, this factor will contribute to her popularity.  Developed Mount of Mars is giving courage and fighting ability with odd .

The Mangal Rekha Is cutting Bhagya Rekha this may give  some hurdles in  the beginning  which shows her success will not be easy .She will  face hindrance  next year she should  plan her cabinet officers intelligently .

As per Palmistry famous Indian palmist Nisha says  The most strong part of Kirans hand is her Sun and Mars . Presently the  lines are supporting except the Mangal rekha  the Event Election this is just the perfect timing  presently for her  .

As per her Astrology  horoscope planetary combinations. The combinations are one is Saturn and Mars are expecting each other. Moon and Mars are again aspecting each other. And Venus and Mercury because of parivartana are affecting each other. We have to understand very important thing: when two or more planets combine together there is a mix of energy centres. Off course there will be positive and negative impact from every mixture of these energies

Mars is a warrior and represents courage. On the other hand Saturn is hard work and discipline. That’s what is happening in Bedi’s horoscope, which is courage with discipline.  More Over the natural benefic Jupiter is transiting through the 11th House in Ms. Bedi’s Chart, which is another positive  sign for the desired growth and success in her political career.

Her  Hand and  horoscope stars  are indicating  that as a candidate of BJP, she will lead the party with success –
Famous Astro Palmist Nisha Ghai sees  strong possibility of Kiran Bedi becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi, post the upcoming Delhi Assembly Elections.

Nisha Ghai

Palmistry Guru .

Palm Analysis of Kapil Sharma Producer Comedy Nights With Kapil

Kapil Sharma is a famous  comedian, and has gained  immense popularity as  of his comedy  show titled ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’, currently aired on  Colors TV. This show has a large fan following. However, Kapil Sharma is facing some tough times, as recently the lavish set of his popular show caught fire and equipment worth of  crores was burnt. As if this was not enough, Kapil Sharma also got entangled in a tax evasion controversy.   And  now Gutthi   issue.


 Normally we do not have correct date of birth of celebraties  so palmistry or palm reading can give   more wider picture of them.  By looking at his thumb  he looks evenly balanced . Fingers are long and mercury finger  conical showing  humor  ability. The second phalange of sun finger is longer which adds artistic ability in him.


 He has a strong mind and is quite headstrong  and about the issues he carries them  close to his heart.  His round life line will add security in life . How ever year 2014  will be challenging for him. Since his fate line is getting thicker. Major challenges will take place in most of the spheres of his life. This may be turning point for him. He should  certainly not take  things  easy.

  He will have to donate lot of time and attention to detail and routine affair. Its time to  be organized and practical. Yes he can invest  more finances on his show as the results at later stages will be good.  He is lucky as he will easily swim through all the issues and his public image will not be stained

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