Palm Analysis of Kapil Sharma Producer Comedy Nights With Kapil

Kapil Sharma is a famous  comedian, and has gained  immense popularity as  of his comedy  show titled ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’, currently aired on  Colors TV. This show has a large fan following. However, Kapil Sharma is facing some tough times, as recently the lavish set of his popular show caught fire and equipment worth of  crores was burnt. As if this was not enough, Kapil Sharma also got entangled in a tax evasion controversy.   And  now Gutthi   issue.


 Normally we do not have correct date of birth of celebraties  so palmistry or palm reading can give   more wider picture of them.  By looking at his thumb  he looks evenly balanced . Fingers are long and mercury finger  conical showing  humor  ability. The second phalange of sun finger is longer which adds artistic ability in him.


 He has a strong mind and is quite headstrong  and about the issues he carries them  close to his heart.  His round life line will add security in life . How ever year 2014  will be challenging for him. Since his fate line is getting thicker. Major challenges will take place in most of the spheres of his life. This may be turning point for him. He should  certainly not take  things  easy.

  He will have to donate lot of time and attention to detail and routine affair. Its time to  be organized and practical. Yes he can invest  more finances on his show as the results at later stages will be good.  He is lucky as he will easily swim through all the issues and his public image will not be stained

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 Nissha Ghhai