Why Force your Children for Specific Career

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Just now a father and son visited me for ‪#‎palmreading‬ he wanted his son to be an engineer so forced him to take subject science and as a result guy was not able to clear his 12th board for next 2 years . He wanted a career guideline for his son
After reading I told him police job or a Garment ‪#‎business‬ the boy was shocked since he wanted to go for garment business and his father was not allowing him  and wasted his two glorious years of Life.
So do not force children .

Our hand reveal the kind of job we are fit for all we need is a proper guidance ‪#‎instituteofpalmistry‬

How Strong is your Mind


In ‪#‎astrology‬, the air signs are ‪#‎Gemini‬, ‪#‎Libra‬ and ‪#‎Aquarius‬. These people may have similar traits, but not necessarily correspond with their actual sign. This shape is also called the thinking hand. The air hand has a square ‪#‎palm‬ with noticeably long fingers with conic or rounded fingertips. The lines are clear, but finer than the ones on the earth hand. The square shape of the palm gives practical, realistic and down to earth qualities and the long fingers show the thinking person.

1. The long fingers depict someone who is mentally active, logical, intelligent, patient with a love of detail.
2. They like to think things through themselves.
3. They tend to be very inquisitive and eager to Hence, they make good students.
4. They prefer to keep busy mentally with thoughts and ideas with constant variety and change.
5. Communication and technology interests them and they are often up to date with the latest technology.
6. Many have the talent in vocal or literary fields.
7. A suitable career for them would be in journalism, teaching or something that involves intellectual activities, because they may become restless or bored without the mental stimulation.
8. The emotional side of their life may be difficult to experience; they might feel more comfortable talking about their feelings rather than showing them.

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Success Mantra for Life

 Success Mantra  for life

In Hindu religion, shankha is blown every time before start of puja as a ritual. There are many important days as per Hindu religion on which Shankha should be blown as it has remedial effects.

  It is believed the blowing shankha destroys enemies and also pleases goddess Lakshmi. As per Dharma Grantha’s Moti Shankha and Dakshinavarti Shankha are two very important shankha’s.

As per Bhagwat Gita, Mahabharat had begun after lord Krishna along with other warriors had blown a divya shankha. 

Not just for religion, blowing shankha has scientific and ayurvedic benefits also. As per them, blowing shankha during puja has benefits on our lungs. This is because for blowing a shankha pure air reaches the lungs and impure air comes out. This makes the lungs strong.

 Blowing shankha also cures diseases of intestines.   It is beneficial for listeners as well since it removes nagitivity.


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