Chandra Grahan Luner Eclips 2015

Lunar  eclipse  Chandra Grahan

Chandra Grahan or lunar eclipse takes place when the earth obstructs the light of the Sun at the Moon, as it comes in between the Sun and the Moon. This casts a shadow on Moon and this occurrence is termed as Chandra Grahan or Lunar Eclipse.

 Spiritual effect Of Chandra Grahan 2015

In India It will be visible partial  Chander Grahan   On Chitra Purnima on 4th April 2015 also  Hanuman Jaynti .   It will occur on Kanya Rashi  and Hasta Nakshtra . It is recommended for the native of Hasta Nakshatra Uttrafaguni Nakshatra  and Chitra Nakshtra   to chant  Chadra Grahan  Mantra or Luner Eclips Mantra .

 Chandra Grahan Or Lunar Eclipse Mantra

Om Kshirputrayay Vidmahe Amrit Tatvaaye Dheemahi Tanno Chadrah Prachodayat ||

Chadra GRAHN Sutak begins begins by 1pm and ends by 6 pm .

Chandra Grahan or lunar eclipse is mostly considered for its negative impacts while there’s no reason to panic during Grahan. We bring you some of the precautions that are needed to be taken during Grahan in 2015:

  1. Avoid eating or consuming eatables during the Grahan time period.
  2. Urination is prohibited during Sutak period.
  3. Sexual intercourse is advised to be discarded during Grahan Sutak in 2015.
  4. It is preferred to be a good time to indulge in meditation.
  5. It is considered as the best time to venerate the Lord for his blessings.
  6. Avoid consuming food that is cooked before the Chandra Grahan period.
  7. One should discard initiating any important task on Chandra Grahan or lunar eclipse in 2015.

The pregnant women are also advised to take utmost care during Chandra Grahan (lunar eclipse). We bring you the following cautious measures for pregnant women during the period of Grahan:

  1. Avoid Looking At Chandra
  2. Stay at home
  3. Avoid Cutting Vegetable and fruits .
  4. Recite Satnam Gopal Swamy Mantra
  1. Take Bath befor and After Grahan

Satnam Gopal Swamy Mantra

 OM Devaki Sudha Govinda Vasudeva Tagath Patha

 Dehimay Thanayam Krishna Thwameham saranamathe