about dayanand Verma

Prof. Daya Nand, the founder of institute of Palmistry, has been practicing hand reading for 30 years. During his practice he found certain facts about the Lines of Hand and the Shape of Hand which encouraged him to study further the science of palmistry.

He and Nisha Ghai, Director of the Institute, are doing research in the field of the scientific aspects of palmistry for the past 15 years. According to their research, palmistry is related to Human Psychology. It is a study of the unconscious mind. It is a science related to our brain and our thinking power and thus, we can change our lines through our will power, changing our future. 
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Prof. Dyanand has written a number of books on Palmistry, Psychology and Spirituality. He was awarded with the Yoga Ratna award for his book on meditation “Dhyan Yoga”, in 1986. His other book, Kalyugi Upanished, was awarded in 2001 by Hindi Academy.

He has been the editor of the Hindi Psychological Journal “Prakashit Mann” (Enlightened Mind”). His first book on daily psychological problems was published in 1962. Since then, about a dozen books written by him have been published. On the basis of research Prof. Dyanand has written many books on scientific palmistry. These include books for learners, for Professionals and for advanced study in palmistry.