Narender Modi wave How Much significant .

Nader Modi Wave. How significant it is going to be in 2015  for  Him.

Narender Modi DOB -17/9/1950

Personality #8 – Life Path Number #5 Personal Year  #8

Year 2015 is number 8 Lord Saturn . Narender  Modi personal year  Number  is also 8 Lord Saturn .

So  is this planet going to give stability to Narender Modi Career ?

Will this planet be going to fortunate for Narender Modi?

Will Saturn give Indian prime Minister in Abundance ?

Is 2015  going to be a significant year for Indian prime Minister ?

The Answer is Yes .  The planet of misfortune will bring fortune for him .

Saturn is called planet of misfortune  and it is slow but  Saturn is also planet of  stability progress and  Money. It is  an extreme planet . Their is saying for Saturn that it gives in abundance

Famous Numerologist of Indian Nisha says His personality number  is also 8 So  For Narender Modi this year I going to year for Extremeness and Challenges .    As per Numerology 2015 forcast He will remain in Power and Authority in 2015  . New Policies will be made And  Iron and  Steel Industry will boom up. Narender Modi will give new face to Foreign policies .He will continue to ride high on his Modi wave though there shall be some turbulence in between. Things might slow down a bit  But there will be new partnerships, legal gains  and emotional contentment are coming in for him. Health needs a check .

Famous Numerologist of Indian  Nisha speaks the same on Indian Tv  News24 Channel

Look at 2015 Universal Year Number 8


 Look At The Year 2015

 Numerology Forcast   2015

  Total of 2015 is [2+0+1+5]= 8  Universal Year Number


 Year 2015 is Number 8 Governed By Saturn . People born in 8th , 17th  and 26th  are influenced by this number . Saturn will leave impact on people born on 1st 4th and 6th  8th 13th 22nd 24th  dates . Its strong influence will be on Zodiac sign Capricorn, Aquarius and Libra. Saturn is a  slow moving and planet and most of the people believe that it bring misfortune which is not true in every case.  Saturn gives us Seriousness logic and  judgment It is also considered number for Money  Growth Prosperity and Balance  .

There is a saying when Saturn gives it gives in Abundance but also takes away in the same manner . The year 2015 will be year of extremeness and lot of hard work..  The year will be good  for native whose birth date adds up to Number  1,3,6 and 5. And lot of hard work is required for people having total Number  4 of birth date.

  To get the best results of Saturn  write 15 than 2015 . Also we can use  Lucky dates and color.



Year 2015   Numerology General  Prediction for  Number 1

Number 1  Lord Sun – Date 1st ,10th 19th 28th  As per  Number 1 Numerology 2015 , Number 1 is a fortunate number since it is ruled by Sun. Leo is also ruled by Sun . So people having Zodiac Sign Loe will also have effect of number 1 in the coming year .  This year is very important for you.  The year may not  be very fruitfully All those difficulties you have been facing from the last some months may not be  removed .Give your 100% in the  current year.   People  with Number  2,3,9 4  can go ahead on the path of progress.  For them  business with adequate planning will  give good results and benefits. Important changes are likely to take place in your life.  There can be extremeness and delay in work. Changes will be beneficial.  According to Numerology Prediction 2015 New persons will come in your contact. They will help you in your progress. Numerologist Nisha Ghai says  Mentally you will be free from fear, tension and other complexes.   People engaged in education, competition, writing, business, machinery etc. this year will  bring special reward.  Lot of planning and hard work  is required to  achieve success. Proper opportunities for the same will be available very soon. Since the entire year has good effects of the sun it will improve your prestige in the society.  But People with lot of Number 1 should be careful .The relation with father can strain .

Lucky color – Yellow , Red

Lucky day  1st , 4th  ,7th  ,10th , 18th  ,24th

Lucky Days – Sunday , Mon , Tue , Thursday

Year 2015 Numerology General   Prediction  for   Number 2

Number 2 Lord Moon – Dates -2nd 11th 20th 29th  Numerology 2015  . Number 2 is ruled by Moon  They are sensitive and imaginative people. Cancerarians are also ruled by Moon . People have Zodic sign Caner will also have impact of Number 8 this year .

This year you will experience special element of attraction in yourself. You will have the company of new friends who will prove helpful in your progress and continue to extend their cooperation. Coming period is very important because your schemes will be taking a favorable turn.  Before entering into any kind of partnership check well to avoid cheating, people having Number 1, 5 in their Date of birth the year will be indifferent .   Do your work systematically hurried decisions may result in losses.  For  Number 2 You may get mental tensions to avoid it be alert. Relation with female gender will improve . Numerologist Nisha Ghai says Take care of your old relationship and friends to strengthen your bond with them. Avoid your selfish friend because they will not help you at the proper time. Land related work will bring in financial gains. According to prediction 2015 New house or property is likely to be received in gift or acquired otherwise.  Few of you can go on short travel.

Lucky color –  White , Silver

Lucky day  1st ,3rd , 5th , 6th , 8th  ,9th  15th  21st  24th

Lucky Days – Sunday , Mon ,Sat, Fri

Year 2015 Numerology  General Prediction for  Number 3

Number 3 Lord Jupitar – Dates 3rd 12th 21st 30th   Number 3 is  ruled by Jupitar . It is a Number of knowledge. And Number 8 is number of Judgment so this year will be year of trial and test.  Jupitar Influence Zodiac Sign Pieces and Sagittarius as well. According to Number 3  Numerology 2015  this year will be auspicious and  rewarding for native having Numbers  1,2 and 9in their date of birth . If in  last few  years your schemes were not achieving success or were lying incomplete  they will be complete this year. Financially this year is very gainful for you. Even socially you will command more respect and enjoy a rich personality.  As per Numerology Prediction 2015 People in administration teaching and healing job  will progress. You friend circle will increasing.   All disappointments in this regard will be  taken care of.  Number 3 people should take care while speaking and writing. Do not sing any document without checking them thoroughly. According to Numerologist Nisha Ghai You are likely to be cheated during this year.  Do not hurry in making decisions and buying any property. Business wise, the year is gain full.  I suggest you not to leave anything incomplete.  Do not complete your work in a haphazard manner. Writers will flourish this year.

Lucky color – yellow and Pink

Lucky date-1st ,2nd ,3rd ,9th ,10th, 20th ,30th

Lucky Days – Sunday , Mon , Tue and Thursday

Year 2015  Numerology General  Prediction for   Number 4

Number 4 Lord Uranus /Rahu – Dates  4th 13th 22nd 31st – Number 4 has indirect connection with Sun.  Numerology Prediction 2015 for Number 4 is that the year will bring progress for people having Number 6 and 8 . Most likely this year will bring hurdles on the way of success in the beginning but there can be ultimate gain at the end. There can be sudden gains and sudden losses. Schemes will be completed though after a lot of difficulties. Do not get deviated.   According to Numerology 2015 Number 4 need alertness and activeness and laziness should be avoided. Success during the year depends on your hard work and efforts, financially, the year will be more gainful with increased sources of income and more independents will be achieved. It is the year of savings for you. Your savings will serve as cushion. You are likely to begin in your business or acquire a new residential property. Advance planning for future is required and start working on them in this year itself.

According to Famous Numerologist Nisha  Ghai For some this can be  year of celebrations and festivities. If you are not year married changes of getting married are there.  Regarding friends, wife and children, this year is very good. You will have close relations with higher authorities. The will have maximum gains from them. Number 4  people should not let  their powers  go waste because there will be no sudden gains without hard  work. You will remain active. Financially this year will prove lucky for you. The year is favorable for foreign travels it is also an important year from the point of religion and spirituality.

Lucky color – Grey

Lucky date-  4th  ,6th  ,8th  , 13th , 15th  ,17th  ,22nd ,

Lucky Days –  Friday ,Saturday


Year 2015  Numerology General Prediction for   Number 5

Number 5 Lord – Mercury -Dates – 5th 14th 23rd . Mercury governs Zodiac sign Gemini and Virgo.  It is a planet of change  Number 8 and Number 5 are friendly Numbers As per Numerology 2015 this is  a  Beneficial  year for you . It will  be successful for   many and will bring new changes in life which will improve your respect in the society.   People having Number 1 and Number 6 The year is a year of journeys which may the in the connection of some business or entertainment activities. Nisha Ghai Numerologist says there are chances of foreign travels . You may begin some business in partnership which will not be harmful for you. Nisha Says  People having Number 5 should not speak lightly and  not be harsh to people  this can  lower your prestige. Take care while signing documents relating to some negotiations.  According to prediction 2015 Number 5 DOB for those  working in the field of education, dance, drama, acting, radio, and communication services and advertising the year is very important.  There  can be  expansion of business the time is favorable year for progress. More the efforts, more the gains  in business. Friends circle will increase and financially you will be stronger. It will be a memorable year of your life.

Lucky color –Green,  Bright White

Lucky date-5th ,14th ,23rd ,

Lucky Days – Sun, Wed, Fri

Year 2015  Numerology  General Prediction for  Number 6

Number 6 Lord Venus – Dates 6th 15th 24th  Zodiac Sign Taurus and Libra  are governed by Venus and  may have Number  8 effect in their lives.  Numerology 2015 prediction for Number 6 People born with this number will have more favorable year family wise. All the family related problems will be automatically removed.   Numerologist Nisha Ghai says this year is especially favorable for people having Number 5,8,4,7 in their Birth Date. Family .House hold problems will end in the beginning of the year itself. There are chance of Love romance and marriage in year 2015.  Nisha says you will be spending more money on decoration and beauty items. Even expense will increase in entertainment.  Avoid taking huge loans.  Nisha says if you are looking for property finance can be organized if finances are in right pattern. As per Numerology Prediction 2015 is good for film actors and producers it will prove highly gainful for them.  Numerology 2015 this year unemployed, people have great chance of getting a job.   Nisha Ghai Famous Numerologist says  If you are looking for new business then Property, Luxury items, cosmetic , Housing  related business will be more profitable.  Number 6 is  lord Venus is Karka for  beauty, entertainment and luxuries, it will bring in more and more happiness In Life . This year there are chances of your transfer or promotion. Business wise it is a gainful year. Chances of sudden financial gains are there. This year will bring in material comforts and luxuries.

Lucky color –  Bright White

Lucky date-6th ,15th  ,24th ,

Lucky Days – Wed, Fri ,Sat

Year 2015  Numerology  General Prediction for  Number 7

Number 7 Lord  Neptune / Ketu Dates – 7th 16th 25th  This is a positive Number 2  Moon .  According to Prediction 2015  This is not a very good year for you .  Chance of getting into problems and confusions are more . Even in society there will be some misunderstandings about you. Therefore care is to be taken.  Numerologist Nisha Ghai says some of your friends will add your difficulty. So identify which of them will be beneficial and who is cheating and raise in problems. Numerologist Nisha Says People having Number 9 will face more problems.   For businessmen this year 2015 may not be good. Gains in life be in proportion to your efforts.

As Per Numerology 2015   end of year 2105 will be beneficial,  The  problems will be automatically taken care  for . Opportunities will take if favorable turn. Numerologist Nisha says Romance and love matter may bring may bring is humiliation and bad name so handle relations carefully. Do not involve in any suspicious activity which may create problems for you in future.  According to Numerology 2015 Prediction Do not take extra rick in your business.  There is a good news there can be success in court cases and litigation.  Nisha Says for Number 7 those working in the field of science, medicines, magic, hypnotism and astrology, the year will bring success and achievements. Respect and prestige in society will be improved. Chances of foreign travel are also seen.

Lucky color –Khaki

Lucky date – 6th ,7th , 9th ,16th , 24th , 25th ,

Lucky Days – Tues, Fri

Year 2015  Numerology General  Prediction for  Number 8

Number 8 Lord Saturn Dates – 8th 17th 26th  The year 2015 is ruled by Saturn,  Number 8 Governs Capricorn  Aquarius and  leave impact on Zodiac sign Libra  For Number 8 and Capricorns Aquarians and Librans this year will be successful year .   People with Number 8 need more patience .

As per Numerology 2015 Prediction If you make best use of powers in a right direction, the year will prove lucky for you. Put in your powers in creative activity. Numerologist Nisha  Says  This year may bring special offer  for people have Number 4,5,6 in their Birth Date . Year 2015 may not be good or favorable health wise. Blood & heart related problems and anemia can create health issue. Nisha Famous Numerologist says precautions should be taken in this regard.  Numerology 2015 This year can prove amazing and significant for Number 8 for business, Numerologist Nisha says you can start in new business or work for expansion of the current business can be done . There will be progress in it. As per Numerology Year 2015 you may have special gains in steel  iron chemical related business. Politically and socially it is a memorable year. It is the year of success in political activity. Your enemies will be in loss. They will remain under control.   In year 2015  Number 8 you will come out victorious in your court cases. It is a favorable year on the domestic front as well.  Victory in all sphere of field will according to efforts put in . Chances of depend on your own efforts. Do not rely on others help. It will give you self-satisfaction.

Lucky color – Blue and Black

Lucky date-4th ,5th ,6th ,8th   13th  ,14th , 17th ,26th ,

Lucky Days – Wed Fri Sat

Year 2015 Numerology General Prediction for  Number 9

Number 9 Lord Mars Dates – 9th 18th 26th .  Mars rule Zodiac sign Scorpio and Aries. Number 9 and Number 8 are not friendly planet so this year can be crucial for Number As per Number 9 Numerology 2015 this year can prove to be a turning point for you.  Numerologist Nisha  sys heath can get bad . There can be sudden illness for knowledge as a well as intellectual pursuits it is in important year. Desires and ambitions may not be fulfilled this year. Money matter may improve but so do expenses.   Numerology 2015 the relationship can spoil so do not use harsh words.  The year will give you more respect in the society. All those in the govt. service will be benefited this year. There may be problems and dissensions with higher or authorities. Plan for 2016 .

Lucky color – Bright White

Lucky date-1st ,2nd , 3rd  7th   12th 16th 30th

Lucky Days – Sun,  Mon Tues Thu