When Will I Become Rich Dhan Yoga in Palmistry

Money the most asked question . Get your answers

DhanYoga  in Your Hand

 Money is very important part of our life .In  21s century money is directly linked with our happiness . It allows our dreams to come true . With money &wealth  we can buy luxuries and comforts  of life .. But some of us have it and  somedon’t .

Some markings and configuration present in our palm, hand and linesgives us indication about our financial fate.

Fate line or money line is one of the  most important lines present on your palm which demonstrate how your financial fate would be . It also indicate how can you accumulate the wealth and money. Fate line starts from base of hand and reaches base of middle finger.

Success in Life

Another important line is Sun Line which gives us   success in financial matters.

Property in Hand

 For matter related to property mars line gives us an indication. A…

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